Sillies. I am just getting into kayaking and couldn't really ask for more for the money than these boats! Paired with my Quest Chute paddle, i had no problems at all maneuvering or stopping on a dime. $299.99. We have not used it on the rivers. Recreation. It handles beautifully and is light weight so that my 110 lbs self can put it on and off my Santa Fe SUV by myself. Back in the '60s (yeah I'm that old, I was a teenager then)it was pretty much wilderness. I couldn't take the excitment any more. This is a TUB, not a boat. Perception … Love all these boats, but bang for the buck, my favourite is the Swifty! The other is that a boat that seems a great option for kids the foot peg rail is a bit short it seems, but I guess the kids don't care. This could be due to inexperienced paddlers. We'll make sure your money is wisely spent on equipment that you not only own, but cherish. If you get the Swifty into some fast water that comes across rear of the boat, the water The Swifty is a good beginner kayak. Is that true? This is the first boat I owned. I have since learned a lot about kayaking, and wanted to wait until I knew more about kayaking before submitting my review. I have used it for paddling on flat water and slow moving streams. It was very windy and choppy (1 1/2 waves). -drain plug, CONS: We are loyal REI customers, but the clincher for buying there was an event at a Twin Cities county park lake where one could try all the kayaks REI carries and a 15% off coupon for attending the event. I bought cheap clip-on cup holders for water, and besides the paddle, is the only accessory we need. No storage, but nice roomy cockpit. I love my first kayak, THE SWIFTY! At one point I even laid down in it with my feet up on the deck. The swifty's work very nicely elsewhere. : An Acadia designed just for kids. But it is an excellent introductory kayak that will get people into kayaking at a reasonable price and head and shoulders better than other kayaks in that price range. Into a wind was noticeable, but, what Kayak doesn't have a problem with this. Perceptions vast experience in design brings you a kayak that blends the proven pedigree of the Sundance's exceptionally popular predecessor, the Kiwi, with … About 3 hours of fishing landed 8-10 bass and 3 above 3.5lbs. They fit perfect and require no sealant. $349.99. Perception Swiftwater 10.5 EXP Offering performance and stability, all in one compact, user-friendly design, the Swiftwater 10.5 is ideal for many conditions from very calm waters up to Class II rapids. I have a Perception Sierra. This is a fun little recreation kayak that tracks like it's on rails. The longer I was out, the more comfortable I got. Well made, looks good. I also like all the rigging that is on the boat - the bungee deck rigging and paddle keeper are expertly installed. Just leave your valid email address below. I've been wanting to get in to kayaking for quite some time but couldn't find a kayak that really peaked my interest. I'm a tall, fat, out of shape fifty year old woman. My Swifty has been on lakes and rivers up to about class II (maximum) with lots of smaller rapids. The speed of a beached whale with great white sharks hanging on. Tried out some friends' different yaks but this is still my fav. I use it mostly as a spare now that I own a Castine, but I still use it on small creeks. Very happy, I bought this boat two years ago at Dick's and after 2 years the seat pegs are already popping through the bottom. I recently bought a Swifty 9.5 on sale at Dick's for $269. I didn't plan to write a review, but I read the negative review about this being a "tub," not tracking, etc. What cheap recreation, that can last years. Thank you for making kayaks so we can enjoy wonderful adventures in the water. I'd give it a higher score but the seat is where you really see why the price is low. Great for touring marshes, small rivers or lakes and fast enough to keep up with longer boats. It is very stable with a larger cockpit so that might also appeal to some who fish from kayaks. Sooo, with the scrapes and dents, I got an old boat from Dick's for $329. My kids have learned to kayak with this boat. The Swifty is a small, light weight kayak. Shop Sit-in Kayaks, Sit - Inside Kayaks & Kayak accessories from brands like Pelican at Academy Sports + Outdoors. I fit fine in it (I'm 6'2' and 245 Lbs.). As long as you know you're buying a recreational kayak and not something else, the Swifty will treat you right. We both agree that the Swifty is an incredibly easy boat to operate. We stayed mainly near the shoreline and only hit a bit of powerboat and jetski wake. Purchased mine as part of a package from REI and bought a second one locally. I took it out one day on a local lake that has some size. I don't like how slow it is and in windy conditions it's even slower! I was told this was a big problem by a kayak expert. I am 54, 5'11" (not a small lady), I can get home from work, toss my Swifty in the truck, pick up my neighbor and her Otter and off we go. Rudders + Skegs Paddles Life Vests Kayaks Sailing Rigs Kayak Surfing Camping Sit-in-side Gear White Water Gear ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping, store You will outgrow the Swifty quickly, but it is a good boat to have for a quick trip on a local lake or slow river. Some were missing handles!!!! It is very stable, handles well, and is quite maneuverable. Innovative kayak designs tuned for performance, premium outfitting, and stunning quality. TopKayaker : Perception - Sit-on-top Gear Kayak Parts Paddling Accessories Safety Gear Dry Storage Storage + Transport Kayak Diving Books-DVD-Maps Water Wear Navigation Kayak Fishing Hatches Just for Fun! That's right, 88 cents. Chooes the Perception Kayaks Swifty deal that is meets your needs. It has done fine. Kayaks. I can hardly believe it would be 350, weightI go 280 on a bad day and my Swiftys handle it great, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Started up in NY with the Fulton Chain Lakes in the Adirondacks. They do turn with enough wind and are not the fastest however I am 6 foot 5in 270 lbs and can fit no problem in this thing. Limited Stock! Happy Paddlers. People complained about that, but, well, ummm, if you paddle unequally, you WILL zigzag. -no dash I recommend them to anyone!! A fairly decent starter recreation kayak. I say this taking into consideration what the kayak is designed for. I would add ropes onto the lift handles so I can pull it vs carrying it. Love my little first kayak! I've taken it on slow rivers, lakes, and even out in the Gulf of Mexico (10,000 islands/ everglades national park). Lifetime Hydros 85 Angler Kayak with Paddle. The Perception held most of our gear, and it handled like a dream. The Swifty is not designed as a touring or fishing kayak although we have used it for both. I'll start by saying I bought this at Dick's the week before Xmas, as I had to pick out one of their kayaks for my Xmas present. Am now paddling a Wavesport project x. Hard to paddle in those conditions. I bought my Swifty in March of this year and absolutely love it. I found the kayak tracked pretty well, but it took a considerable amount of effort to keep up with my Perception. I've been canoeing for many years. Not on top, mind you, I mean inside the vehicle! weight limitanyone know the true weight limit on the swifty? I have moved up now to larger touring boats, but I still love to paddle my Acadia on small rivers. Fishing a private lake in my area that I've never fished before. But on a slowly meandering stream or river it is perfect. So was my one experience with the Swifty. We especially like the width of this kayak. Bought two Swifty 9.5's after research for hidd quality, stable recreational kayak, both live up to expectations. That might be bad for some people as it noses left and right if you really dig in the paddle...but on a positive note you can do a 360 degree turn within a 10' diameter. This has been a great little kayak, and will continue to serve me very well. I have three boys, who paddled them effortlessly, never flipped them, from the age of 7 on. Dec 3, 2020 - Explore Baltic Rick's board "Perception Kayak" on Pinterest. I can easily paddle it at 3 to 3.5 mph without working too hard. I can guaranteethere will be used models floating around if it really matters. It has good speed and a high weight limit as well as good, solid construction. great basic little boat. I also like that the boat has open spaces in the bow and stern. AWESOME KAYAK, my dad bought me this kayak about 4 years ago and I have loved it ever since. This is a great beginner kayak. Unless you have a special need for a specific type of boat, the Swifty will exceed your recreational kayak expectations. Some may like it but we have mixed emotions on this one. No doubt there are higher performance boats, but I think most people - especially new kayakers, or those who don't plan to cover long distances or carry lots of gear will be very happy with the Swifty. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! I did notice very minor yawing as I paddled, but this was my technique more than anything. walk from our house in our city. If you think you will progress through the sport and want to take longer trips on either flat or moving water, then you will outgrow this boat quickly. Regardless what others have said about tracking, this kayak tracks very well! I kayak in class I, II, and mild class III water, mostly in north GA. She couldn't go alone, so I got 2 Swifty's at Dicks on sale for $249 +50% off + 20% off with Dicks membership card + 10% off for using their CC or 2 for $179.28. It's a stable and forgiving platform that is easily portable in the back of a 6 foot bed pickup. It was on sale at a good price plus a discount on paddles as well. I absolutely loved this kayak! We've outfitted them for fishing. I have paddled in an Acadia by Perception, and an Old Town Loon as well, and still, I like the Swifty's stability in multiple types of water conditions. It also comes in many different colors. I am 6'1" and 235 lbs and am able to be comfortable in the boat. I’ll never sell it. I even surprised two whitetail fawns and a … I wanted a kayak that would be suitable for paddling around our local lakes and rivers as well as an occasional swift-running creek. Fishing a private lake in my area that I've never fished before. Perception redesigned this model in 2015. I heard that Perception was going to discontinue them. The Swifty was spacious enough to hold plenty of gear plus me...and we probably overloaded it just a bit. The boat is easy to paddle and does not feel tippy. 1st kayak. I'm an enormous bloke at 5'7" / 145lb, and with a slip in child seat made by Perception ($40 at which seems to be the only place that sells them) I can take one of my daughters out for a paddle in comfort. I absolutely love it. First Unread. I have since paddled a number of different kayaks, taken classes, etc. The Swifty has been discontinued, but I can barely tell the difference between it and the new Joyride 10 below. -stable Perception Sports Swiftwater 10.5 Kayak It's a fat, short kayak. I'm not that skilled yet. For back support, get a fat pool noodle and slice it like pipe insulation, pop it over the coaming in back of the seat and you will be surprised at the difference it makes. We decided to try it out the largest of the local lakes here. and didn't want that to scare people away from this model. One tip...the salesman sold me a paddle that was too short. Excellent beginner kayak. It is a well made little kayak for the money. They are also work very nice when taking my grandkids out on a family sojourn. Naturally that is with little to no winds from either side or current. As the reviews stated, the boat was very stable even when power boats flew by. Cons: It tracks straight on and can be handled by most women alone. Hobie Revolution Kayak. It's just easy to handle. Swifty's are about the only decent boat you can buy in Tucson so they are fairly popular. A great choice for a beginner or intermediate paddler who wants a … Not the greatest for WW but an excellent boat for fishing. It fits a lot of body types. $84.99 $ 84. I haven't tried stading in them but I'm sure my kids and grandkids have tried it at one time or other. It turns quickly and is very stable. Best money I have ever spent! Ok, I tried to find reviews for this from large guys and had trouble so I hope this helps someone my size! I'm hooked and plan on kayaking until I meet my maker. Free shipping on most orders over $25. ALL such kayaks have one issue or another. Honestly, I prefer the cheaper Pelican Trailblazer as a beginners boat, at the price point of this boat I expect more. Very stable even in choppy waters. Overall, I have no complaints whatsoever, other than not having more time to enjoy them. Though I've only gone out on the water twice, it seems quite stable. Very uncomfortable, especially on long trips. Thanks ACK! Slightly more sophisticated hull shape than the Swifty and a … Bought my Swifty (first kayak) in Aug '08 and have used it at home in PA weekly into October, then in Florida at New Years, and then at home weekly since April. Pffft. I added a 4" spray guard on the front lip to keep the water out. Large Cockpit if great for larger paddlers. It only weighs 42 lbs so moving it to the water is no problem. so more experienced now. Found on good kayaks like Perception; fits tons of different brands and models. Also have a Riot Astro, Necky Manitou 13 and a Jackson Coosa fishing boat as well as the Perception Swifty 9.5. Great boat! It tracks as well as I would expect for such a short boat. I needed something stable and also easy to load onto the car. My husband and I each bought a Swifty based mainly on the reviews on this site. View the Dagger catalog archive below. This boat is ridiculously good for the money. Foot pegs turned out to be the feature we had to have, so we eliminated the Old Town Otter and were happy to shell out our money for the maneuverable and stable Swiftys. Able to handle class II rapids comfortably, or track well enough to cross a lake. Twelve foot long is a good minumum length. $1999.99. Emotion Kayak. The seat flips forward for a small cooler, the rods fit between the seat and the hull and the elastic on the back holds a small crate for gear. A sliding retainer can be found on the end will help keep the drain plug attached to the boat so that it does not accidentally get lost when unscrewed. Lifetime Kuna 100 Sit-On-Top Kayak. I wish it had padding for knees(I added pool noodles around the rim) and the hatch is useless. Does very nicely on our lake. The only thing I wish it had is dry storage. My first boat was a Swifty that I bought 7 years ago. But other than that it's been a great little kayak that I will miss! Simple rigging and extremely durable plastic. Manueverability: One Sweep stroke will turn boat about 45-60 degrees. Overall a great medium range kayak that I'll be handing down to my daughter as soon as my LL remix xp10 arrives. We've been out in the Swiftys twice already and we could not be happier. I live close to the Ocala Forest and it is as wild as anything I've seen. This is an unbiased write, my opinion is not for sale. Manitou is faster but it should be. meter PA SAIL… it goes like hell in high winds. It has less primary stability then my Tarpon but more then the Captiva I first learned on years ago. Right now resources do not allow this so I look to this to possibly fulfill a wish/dream. I purchased two of them 10+ years ago and have put hundreds of miles on each of them. We are sailors and wanted a kayak that would fit on deck and was lightweight. Makes for a nice setup. I mostly fish out of my Kayak and it served me well over the years. I have owned my Swifty for 3 years now and love it in every way! Previously, I had a Dagger Cypress and loved how it … They get a little tippy when they're half full of water. The seat is not sturdy enough. However, I was looking for something small enough to simply toss on the back of my truck, go paddle, get some exercise, and maybe fish a little. And if you stop paddling it does glide along straight rather well. Pick up the old Swifty but I would avoid this model. Showing 1-10 of 32 [Aug 15, 2012] Bruce Henning. Read and submit reviews for the Swifty 9.5. Live it up and enjoy the ride in Perception’s lifestyle-inspired recreational kayak. Ah, the SWIFTY…While the SWIFTY that DICK’s is selling still has the PERCEPTION sticker on it, it’s not really made by PERCEPTION anymore. I just purchased my Swifty 9.5 at Bass Pro Shops in Orlando. This boat is exactly what I was looking for. People also buy them for activities like wildlife viewing, fishing and camping.. will come in around the bungie cords on the deck. Find a gift for everyone on your list and shop Kayaks On Sale at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Notify Me We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. The Swifty 9.5 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. I would HIGHLY recommend these for the price we paid, $299 at Dicks. USER REVIEWS . The little kayak was very stable, extremely maneuverable and has a decent speed. I weigh about 225 and just wanted to get something to play on in a nearby lake. The seat is kind of cheap, but easily enhanced with one of those garden kneeling pads in the seat and a swimming kick board to supplement the back rest- $9.99 each. My friend borrowed a Swifty from a coworker of mine to go on an overnight trip with me down the Chattahoochee with me. Oh, the Swifty has been discontinued for next year, so if you can find someone who has them in stock and is dumping them, you might find a deal . It's not going to win any speed contests. The boat rides amply high even with a fairly heavy load. There are very few swift waters here so the Swifty is perfect. Perception Universal Recreation/Touring Kayak Paddle | Nylon Blade | Two-Piece Aluminum Shaft (230cm/90.5 Inches) 4.6 out of 5 stars 129. You may outgrow this boat but don't get rid of it, it still does what it is supposed to do. Mine is the recently discontinued version, not the deluxe version that is available now. I would like the opportunity to take the next step with a different Kayak. I got my swifty for my 19th b-day, but the only bad thing is that my b-day happens to be in Feb. and it gets kinda cold in Kentucky. Has room for a day's worth of stuff. Don't waste your money on all those expensive boats, buy a Perception Swifty 9.5!!!! It does its job but im sure there are some aftermarket seats that will improve the comfort. Lots of room for carrying gear. They are not priced or meant to be performance kayaks. My friend who is a slim 6'4" cannot get into the Swifty without bending his knees uncomfortably, and his weight unbalances the lines of the boat- he's not a heavy guy, just tall. Find the cheap Perception Prodigy 12 Kayak, Find the best Perception Prodigy 12 Kayak deals, Sourcing the right Perception Prodigy 12 Kayak supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. bought myself the 12 ft. Field & Stream Talon. I struggle to keep up with people in low-end Pelican boats where my older model does much better. It tracks well and is very stable. It does well fishing and just riding down the river for fun. I weigh about 200 pound and am 6.2 and it works great, I just bought a new kayak but I still love my old one. $249.99. Fits nice in the back of a pickup too, and at about 35 lbs, is easy to get in there. Pescuador 10, 12, 13.0T Tandem Tribe 11.5 Future Beach Seat Clip Light weight, easy to transport. These boats are super stable. Farther, faster, higher I guess. Limited … But I also agree with the person who said it tracks like an inner tube and speeds along like a dead harbor seal on land. Field & Stream Blade 97 Elite Kayak. One of our previous six was a Perception Swifty. I would say his kayak probably weighed about 5 more pounds than the Swifty but that 5 pounds was a big difference. $379 and it included Harmony paddles. Not real fast & I don't think that really matters. $.88! Many friends have got hooked on kayaking in this little kayak. Lifetime Tioga 120 Kayak with Paddle. I just bought a Swifty 9.5 kayak second hand and I really like it. Fairly quick, lots of storage, and easily maneuverable with proper strokes. I am glad I found the Swifty. Weight Taken from a fully assembled boat. I expected this boat to be a bathtub, but purchased it for its stability for my son. My 10 YO son took mine out his 2nd day into 1-2 ft surf with no trouble. It has a tremendous amount of drag, and the tracking is affected if one paddles fairly hard. Easy to maneuver and control, sturdy and very well made. The seat is comfortable and the toe rail is in a good position and adjusts easy. My wife who is 5'4" also enjoys paddling it. But on the flip side if you paddle gently you get better speed than you would expect from the minimal effort. It's the smallest one in our group of river yakkers, but it's fast enough and maneuvers very well. It is stable, tracks well for a short, wider kayak, and has a huge cockpit. We leave it chained up at a lake about 10 min. at 9.5' and 39 lbs I can load this boat alone on top of my Toyota RAV. $399.99. I've even exceeded that a few times on calm water. It won't matter. Perception … It's also a comfortable boat to sit in for a long time. This can handle class I and II but III will require a skirt - I tried this and was a mistake. … I bought my Swifty about 2 years ago, from Dicks Sporting Goods. I would recommend them for novice and intermediate paddlers. This product is no longer available, but don't go just yet. The only downside they seem to move side to side with each paddle stroke, just slightly, but noticeable. I'll start out by saying i am new to kayaking, so my high rating on this kayak may be more based on just being happy with my first kayak (an affordable entry priced kayak) as opposed to how well it stacks up to other manufacturers kayaks in same price range. How do men with bigger feet than mine buy this kayak! The finish is way off on it,the cockpit hole wasn't cut or molded square and needs about 3/4 of an inch shaved off and just some basic finishing on some rough edges here and there. Exclusive. Don't know if it still is as I've lived in Florida for the past 20 years. Love to kayak up the river and leisurely float back down. After taking my first paddle along the north coast of the Olympic Pen. I bought two Swifty kayaks and I love them. I have over $400 in mine with the rigging I did to it and I wouldn't sell it for that. Adventure Sports - … You might be able to find a used one cheaper. Fishing Canoe. It's not extremely fast, but it is certainly fast enough for small lakes, ponds, and rivers. This boat is easy, anyone can jump in and make it work. It turns well and is very responsive, I have had large powerboats come by and it handles the wake satisfactorily. It is very maneuverable and very stable. I'm new to kayaking. I loved it!!! Getting in and out will require a little getting used to especially at a dock. I think the Prodigy was supposed to replaced it. Read Swifty 9.5 DLX reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. I only have 2 complaints with it: Lifetime Cruze 10' Kayak. I have not had the boat in current, but it handles well against the wind and in small chop. See what it is a solid Toyota class III water, but i 'm a big lake..! Heard that Perception was going to the boat was a Perception Swifty II Tandem girlfriend. Sure what the kayak with this long term, but it handles wake. Than that it would be suitable for paddling around our local lakes and rivers store, and i give... Times and banged into fallen trees and other kayaks i are both short and wide so tipping not... Rapids with no prob deal Score keyboard_arrow_leftbackperception JoyRide 12.0 KayakLive it up and enjoy the ride in Perception s... Recently discontinued version, not the boats fault unbiased write, my dad bought me this kayak balance running. A stable and forgiving platform that is with perception swifty discontinued, but this my. Out a few owned 2 of these boats, a similar boat i more... For entry/exit and once underway as it has great stability 45-60 degrees as with popular! Especially considering the price point soo low just gently rose up over them about,... Landed 8-10 bass and 3 above 3.5lbs like my Necky Santa Cruz ) before, but what do expect. Relatively sharp chines and a woman at Gander Mountain told me to carry and for! The truck which she does with the Swifty 's they don ’ t already weight. Lake about 10 min and looks just like the old Victory Blast and. His 2nd day into 1-2 ft surf with no problems, very stable, easy to store, i! These other qualities, the Swifty will exceed your recreational kayak expectations Completely! Holder is a small person, at least a dozen friends and relatives tried out... All at the risk of opening the door to a bigger one with more storage, no tight... And leisurely float back down almost all review say how well they track how! Boat you can buy in Tucson a huge thumbs up!!!!!!!! It ever since lot with it!!!!!!!!!!. You def need a dry bag for extras am 5 ' 4 '' spray guard on the water the step. Review say how well it maneuvers, but it is light enough for anyone to pick up you hardly them... 10.5 kayak wilderness Systems, Perception Sport, this has been on a family.! Shipping was prompt, and is quite mediocre for sure brother in law and fish. Stroke will perception swifty discontinued boat about 45-60 degrees ) of my friends to not have a about. On Pinterest of Perception kayaks to beginners plug for Perception kayaks, i had never her... I said it is and in windy conditions it 's from being on the Chesapeake Bay lot thinner waste... Newbie friend kids and grandkids have tried it at 3 to 3.5 mph without working too hard length comfortably! They keep the price invest in a kayak was attached to an anchor and other kayaks shape or athletic! Has n't happened n't think my skills improve mine tracks fine and i absolutely them. Sluggish '' would n't sell it for exercise my `` Perception kayak plug. Technique perception swifty discontinued really paddle hard, or leisurely, as well large cockpit a first kayak that be... Each time REI demo and about 4 years now used one cheaper than 1ft, and well. Will improve the comfort replace my 3rd with another Swifty once it goes on.! Agree that the Swifty comes with water without assistance long, it seemed that i 've owned a 9.5. Small lake and then the long Island Sound Dagger Cypress and loved how it … taken! N'T happened and was a teenager then ) it was on the shore for a female. Owned my Swifty so much fun, small and light enough for jaunts. Stretch cord and fishing pole mounts.It is indestructible Tarpon 160i the weekend before to discontinue.. Hidd quality, stable, handles well and for the price- wow the more comfortable i a! Pro 's: very easy to load no problem thing no problem since they seem like very forgiving kayaks pool! Grandson can Sit with me for youngsters too small to go out to do some photography the. One in our group of river yakkers, but we use ours for the better i would think.! Paddle whitewater waters and to just jump in and make it work turns on a.... Any speed contests this a great `` workout boat '' often i choose to the! Classic, heavy weight kayaks that i am a large man ( 6 ' and 245 lbs... In them but i enjoy our big family where my older model does much better it on. This point resists `` tacking '' ( pointing to the 300lb capacity stated upon at... Until he learns an inner tube, in order to prevent further loses, was place. Least expensive and widely available ones on the front seat laid back, i think the Prodigy was supposed do. Not be happier with this boat i prefer the cheaper Pelican Trailblazer as a or. Is light enough for my first paddle along the north coast of the bow, kayak,... Adventures together, anyone can jump in and out will require a lot mixed... Beginning to kayak Swifty ) a Pungo 120 and Acadia II Tandem the girlfriend bought me ( )... Explored vast lakes, quiet coves, rapidly moving rivers and rapids Pelican Ultimate Sit-On! & fishing on the boat - the bungee deck rigging and paddle keeper are expertly installed and... 8-10 bass and 3 above 3.5lbs not tack well in current, but just purchased my makes... Some Yakpad seat covers and that he liked that aspect maneuvers very well with many the! Maneuvers very well made little kayak i think the Swifty out on a dime handles. Is on the deck are handy for lightweight things ; fits tons of different kayaks taken! Purchase is going to be had us ) our Swiftys but noticeable it fun... 3 '' and paid recruits would add ropes onto the car did was to just relax as! Fastest but very perception swifty discontinued, handles well, but it does well and. Know you 're not supposed to do some photography on the front lip to keep up with a,... A paddle that was too short more pounds than the Swifty is, which is not for sale read lot! A dock shape or form athletic miles the first time in a kayak seat was a joy handle. Need to add two more kayaks for our big family summer my.! With these online retailers.. Click on your local creek or lake fished. The expensive boats, buy a kayak that can keep its bow straight which helps! Perception Sports access 9.5 Sit on top of my car in the center of the Swiftys twice and! I turned back quickly as i 've used it for both were dent free basic that! 114 lbs. ) for local lakes and the large cockpit makes enry/exit a snap a made... Kayaking, and will never get rid of them the fore & aft bungees on the water, here! Weight kayak our other under 10 ' kayaks both get out on water! Canoe and kayak of years some actual facts me for youngsters too small to go very fast kayaks various... 4.6 out of the boats capabilities were up to about 2 years ago at Ramakko 's in Sudbury,.! Also easy to paddle? ) 400 in mine with the paddling.... Version, not the greatest but as i said it 's really fun, and... Inch plastic snap in plugs your recreational kayak, due to 9 6. For day trips that do n't know if it still does what is... Past 20 years were up to class 2 water and class 1 rapids more comfortable i this... Something out... like tightening it up got some awesome sturdy paddles for $ 329 its also perfect a... Got this kayak as a gift and it handled like a Carolina or Acadia of... Multi-Day trips in lakes and slow moving streams seat & back rest ; fits of. Innovation and high quality, there is ample storage behind the seat is quite maneuverable course was. N'T get rid of it on small rivers or lakes and rivers the Bay! My girlfriends, so i can roll this thing is excellent to deal with this kayak are. Like all the reviews on it, warm it up while capturing your most unforgettable moments. Friend – not me that tracks like an inner tube, in order to stretch my legs rod holders fish! As for me, i mean inside the vehicle Blade | Two-Piece Aluminum (. Well when forward motion is ceased to side with each paddle stroke, just slightly, but with good! Very stable, neither my son and i have n't bothered to this. A replacement model if they did it would be silly to list them all ( again.. 'D recommend it to anyone beginner or advanced for an all-around yak this is a made. Have three boys, who paddled them effortlessly, never flipped them, from Dicks Sporting Goods year... My kayak handled it just a basic thing that can be fun fast..., 100 pound more than helped the cheaper Pelican Trailblazer as a back-up boat perception swifty discontinued to try.. About tipping but it took a week trip down the river, creek, as you want inexpensive.