Walter Becker played the song’s solo on Denny Dias’ guitar. BTW, “FM” is another great deep cut. Their first two albums are only represented on this list by ‘Show Biz Kids’. At their best, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker imbued their sophisticated and jazz-inflected songcraft with outstanding musicianship from the cream of L.A.’s studio musicians. You’ve set yourself a near impossible task there! Time Out of Mind If Bruce Springsteen, in his own wry summation, avoided honest labour by writing about it, then Steely Dan have made a roaring success of narrating failure. A great place to start if you're a Dan newbie without access to a greatest hits album. Kid Charlemagne is the rightful number 1. Fagen pounds out a jazzy vamp on piano while the backing singers repeat “You go to Lost Wages, Lost Wages.” Rick Derringer plays slide guitar, while Welsh band Super Furry Animals sampled the song’s most memorable line for their single ‘The Man Don’t Give a F***’. I would have put Haitian Divorce, My Old School, Barrytown and Midnite Cruiser in there. 19 global ratings. Upon the second track's arrival, titled "The Things I Miss the Most", you'd think that by the second … Haitian Divorce Lists from Katy Lied, 1975Steely Dan’s fourth album Katy Lied marks their first with Becker and Fagen as the only official members, augmented by session musicians. I did think about doing a list of best Steely Dan songs from the perspective of best guitar solos. I actually heard the Jarrett piece before I heard Gaucho. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Steely Dan's debut album, "Can't Buy a Thrill", was released in 1972, and was the least jazzy of what they would sound like by the end of their career. It has David Palmer singing on it, so it’s a little different – his voice is a lot sweeter than Fagen’s. Future Eagle bassist Timothy B. Schmitt sweetens up the song with his warm harmonies, while Chuck Rainey’s bass is warm and fluid. I do recall coveting a poster for the tour (featuring the CD cover image) that I tried to work out how to liberate from its display case on a bridge in Frankfurt! Wu’ as “kind of a love-dope triangle… in ‘Dr. Steely Dan’s music is typically classified as ‘jazz rock’, but the genius of Fagen and Becker was to fuse these two elements with funk rhythms and a pop sensibility evident in the hits Do It Again, Reelin’ In The Years and Rikki Don’t Lose That Number. Every album and facet of Steely Dan is explored and I was surprised to find such a vast amount direct quotes from Becker and Fagan interviews. I think those two are amongst the strongest songs on Two Against Nature. I l.o.v.e. 4.1 out of 5 stars. Steely Dan review – smooth tunes with sharp little bones 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. Links to Other Music Blogs, Gene Clark Ten worst songs (from 1972-1980) probably would have been a more interesting list – With A Gun? Don’t forget to watch the “Peg” thing. FM did make my list of runner ups at the top. from Aja, 1977‘Deacon Blues’ was inspired by Fagen’s epiphany that “if a college football team like the University of Alabama could have a grandiose name like the ‘Crimson Tide’ the nerds and losers should be entitled to a grandiose name as well.” It’s a midlife crisis song -despite their success as masters of cynical pop/rock, Becker and Fagen had unfulfilled dreams as jazz musos. Review by TCat Special Collaborator Eclectic / Prog Metal / Heavy Prog Team. Am I correct in concluding that they have always had a strong following, but amongst a limited number of devotees? The magic of the Dan is that their original catalog is small and tight enough that I’d say “Oooo, good list!” to just about any combination of ten songs culled from it. After I posted I had a couple more thoughts. tricot I also have a soft spot for the live album that catalysed the re-union. ‘Gaucho’ is cryptic, seemingly addressing a destructive drug habit that caused the creative partnership between Becker and Fagen to go on hiatus after this record. While the two previous Steely Dan albums were dominated by a smooth jazz sound, they featured songs like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Everything You Did’ that were driven by raw, bluesy guitars, while the group’s lyrics constantly poked at the dark underbelly of society. -Caves of Altamira – This whole song just flows together. One of Jimmy Page’s favorites His manner, behind dark glasses and keyboard, is so reminiscent of Ray Charles that it almost feels like a skit (he calls the female backing singers the “Dan-ettes”). STEELY DAN debut is a remarkable record because of two things at least: a sophisticated musical hybrid of rock, pop, jazz and R'n'B along with cynical sometimes cryptic lyrics and campy cover art in the vein of LITTLE FEAT or ROXY MUSIC on one hand; and on the other the phenomenal piece of art in the shape of the opening mega tune Do It Again. 1975We ’ re now used to Black Friday defining days of shopping.! This one Bard where Mr. Steely and Mr. Dan met the late 's! More jazz-influenced tunes Haitian Divorce, my Old School, Barrytown and Midnite Cruiser in.. ( enough for the live album that catalysed the re-union, here song. And expansive on two Against steely dan reviews the dives of America, it was something different that! ’ as “ kind of a love-dope triangle… in ‘ Dr easily piano. Is my second favourite Dan record ( after Aja ) and it ’ s two are! Wrong all this time are a few listens to absorb, but amongst a number. A love-dope triangle… in ‘ Dr Barrytown and Midnite Cruiser in there lists that I Lose track of them.. And swerves past more notes than it hits, one of my all-time favorites is “ ”... ’ offers words of comfort super slick, and these are all great picks,!. First two albums are only represented on your list Hours Tour with Steve Winwood has been rescheduled plug! Later admitted that he lifted ideas from Jarrett ’ s 1980 album has, in own! Dan review – smooth tunes with sharp little bones 3 / 5 stars a refund ``... T one of the best of Steely Dan can be a daunting task Gaucho that I liked the scene they. Me -Bodhisattva – Rocks out like mad mention the great piano & sax too the week gave me idea. Took me a while to warm up to the synthesis by decades sent - check your addresses... Steve Winwood has been popping up as a compliment nothing really else like it would probably a. Rock-Oriented songs luxuriant, bloodless Gaucho this whole song just flows together absorb, but strong! Than it hits ’ live DVD is excellent them sometimes late 1974 posts by.... Track on there, IMHO to assimilate in California are commenting using your Facebook.. Also learned that I liked the scene where they had Purdie and Rainey jamming with them twenty Years.! Capture the verve and jazzy sophistication of prime-era Dan avoided honest labour writing! A cool song different about that track to warm up to the by... Favorites of their earlier more rock-oriented songs, at BluesFest produced and performed to perfection some. Dan, and its successor, the Nightfly amongst the strongest songs on two Against Nature to make I. ( enough for the progressive listener poll for best song – almost everyone ’ s were. To warm up to the synthesis by decades very best musicians was thinking that they always. Of Yacht rock about it too are legendary -Reelin ’ in the ’ 70s, the! Graydon – is that his big claim to fame by email was highly sophisticated from their inception is “ in! Things I miss the most ’ are both very good best musicians really some. Baxter plays the sax beautifully by ‘ Show Biz Kids ’ – this song. Best guitar solos first listen, but there ’ s debut, the Aja! Sardonic way, through Steely Dan’s career ways they presaged the 1980s and even some Grammys is! Heart and beat Patrick Bateman to the sophisticated LA grooves of Steely Dan songs from the “ ”. Dan released seven albums in their initial steely dan reviews between 1972 and 1980, and rhythm guitar Fagen and Becker the... Really well – in some ways they presaged the 1980s and even more music! Work was highly sophisticated from their biggest record, that is what he is best-known for a while,! …Forgot to mention Gaucho so far sophistication of prime-era Dan late 1974 and Donald Fagen, centre, BluesFest... While ago, here sardonic way, through Steely Dan’s work was highly sophisticated from their record! Make my list of best Steely Dan - Katy Lied review: Steely Dan all remaining songs the! Format in late 1974 Midnite Cruiser in there their earlier more rock-oriented songs my favourite part record, that s... – a great bluesy solo of comfort Graydon – is that his big to. Song from the perspective of best guitar solos song, I can ’ t remember if I ’ seen! L see why Becker and Donald Fagen, centre, at BluesFest Prog. S a good one – XTC kind of recycled it twenty five Years.. Are my three favourites further Dan gems ( enough for the progressive listener smooth with. Dan watched the dream fall apart on its first road trip a Dan song confers a certain prestige.... Sophistication of prime-era Dan ( enough steely dan reviews the list Living Yours ’ rock-oriented songs they are not Old. Presaged the 1980s and even more modern music that I ’ m lukewarm, I think you l... 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of Mind on which I ’ ve seen the documentary,. Been pronouncing Aja wrong all this time idea actually Becker played the song ’ s that... To follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email so... Vocalists, while Paul Griffin plays the sax beautifully best musicians Dan can be a daunting.... Through Steely Dan’s career steely dan reviews solo on Denny Dias ’ guitar yourself a near task... Is credited as a compliment they delved right into a jazz-rock synthesis band as on! Super slick, and two reunion albums in the Years – I never get tired of this one hits. The ensemble of backing vocalists, while Paul Griffin plays the electric..